This is a dashboard.

dasboards alternatives

We use it to monitor our business.

dashboard monitoring

They worked well when we had limited data.

But they become overwhelming once we have a lot of data

automated reporting

... and finding important things becomes
like finding needle in a haystack

To make it worse, we have 100s of them

So, we started hating them ...

dasboards alternatives dasboards alternatives
dasboards alternatives dasboards alternatives
dasboards alternatives
dasboards alternatives

Can this be fixed?

We’re building something that completely
changes how we monitor our business

Death of

Dashboards were nice

Dashboards, when they first came, were a significant leap in terms of how people dealt with data. People moved from clunky excel sheets to thoughtfully designed charts. They just worked for us! 👏

But things have changed

The amount of data has grown exponentially. Businesses are more complex than ever. Yet, our dashboards are still same. They still rely on humans to visually analyse them and seek insights. They make you login everyday - else you miss things. Some of us set up manual alerts to catch abnormal behavior - but imagine doing this for 1000s of ever changing metrics!

They became overwhelming

We dedicated entire teams to build and monitor dashboards. Yet, they are not actionable. We might learn 'what' happened, but rarely 'why'. There is simply too much noise and very little signal.

And that led to frustration ...

What's funny is that to solve the problem of 100s of dashboards scattered everywhere, BI tools like PowerBI, Tableau, Domo and Looker etc make you create even more dashboards. More dashboards to solve the problem of dashboards. 😤 Read more

What if?

What if there are no dashboards? Imagine a system that tracks all of your metrics and uncovers insights that even humans cannot find. And once it finds that, it tells you the entire story behind it.

Imagine you can do this by simply connecting to one or more data sources and clicking a start button. And once setup - there is no need to even login!

We're building this for you. 💪

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